Emmy is really blossoming now

Dear Anifit Team,

I was actually always an opponent of wet food until I found out about you on Facebook.

I then read up on your site and was thrilled. Since then I have been ordering the Gockels Duett, natural flakes, vegetable mix and carrot flakes. Our Emmy is the best example of the fact that you simply have megaaa great products. The carrot flakes are great! Especially when switching from dry to wet food.

Emmy came to us 3 years ago from a very bad home. She was always a bad eater. She was also very reserved and quiet in my pack. I have been feeding her with your products for about 3 weeks now. And I have a new dog... She is lively, wants to play, is bright and participates fully in pack life... She even tries to jump although that doesn't work so well due to her handicap. She was badly mistreated by her previous owners. Her leg was broken and grew together incorrectly. According to the vet, this is not painful for her and we don't have to operate on her. An operation would also be difficult for her as she has a heart defect.

I am infinitely grateful for your great products... Thanks to you, Emmy has finally become a real dog. And my other little dogs from the pack have also done great with their fur and bad breath.

Thank you very much.

I would have more examples of what your food has done...

Love from Emmy and the rest of the rascals 😘.

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